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Offset Lithography
COBALT is Canada’s trusted long-term partner for your offset product needs. We like to think that your shopping experience starts and stops here. While we don’t like to boast about having the most extensive product portfolio and technical expertise in the industry, we are confident that we can provide all of the products and advice that you require.




COBALT’s offset prepress product portfolio is constantly evolving to meet your changing requirements. Whether your requirement is to output film, create digital thermal plate, make proofs or quality control your work, we have products to meet your needs. Partnered with the best in class technology, our portfolio is designed to help you stay ahead of the pack.


Our pressroom product portfolio is a judiciously selected group of products to help your pressroom run at optimal condition. Renowned for our expertise in the pressroom, we know how critical and sometimes difficult product choices can be. COBALT carries the complete range of pressroom products including blankets, inks, washes, fountain solution, press cylinder material, blanket cleaning cloth, colour measurement tools and more.

Offset Lithography Solutions

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Colour Measurement Tools

Our colour measurement tools can include a colour profiling professional service. Do you need colour certification?


Printing Plates

Our Kodak line of plates includes the award winning SONORA developed on press technology, clearly the industry leader.


Proofing Printers

Whether you are seeking a contract proofer or an imposition proofer, we have the solution.


Proofing Media

Looking for G7 certified, contract proofing, or imposition media? We’ve got it.


Proofing Ink

We carry a comprehensive line of digital inks designated for proofing purposes.


Printing and Coating Blankets

We carry a comprehensive line of offset blankets for conventional offset ink, UV ink, coatings and more.
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Printing Ink

Our world class line of Van Son ink and our Colours series of inks will deliver your images brilliantly.


Cylinder Transfer Material

Protect your press sheet from scratching and scuffing with our Shinoda technology.


Press Packing Material

Looking for plate or blanket cylinder packing material? We've got what you need.


Blanket Cleaning Cloth

We have a selection of dry and pre-moistened cloths for convention ink and UV as well.


Pressroom Chemistries

We have it all: fountain solution, presswash and pressroom specialty products.



Product Feature:

Shinoda Anti-Marking Films

A high performance, triple silicon coated anti-marking film that is low maintenance and provides long life. ICP-S Product Characteristics

  • Transparent green coloured anti-marking film
  • Triple layer coating formula to protect the silicon glass beads
  • The silicon coated glass beads are uniformly coated and sealed to the surface of the film base in a dense matrix
  • Three (3) separate layers of protection:
    • 1st layer uses an ink and oil resistant adhesive coating
    • 2nd layer is a primer coating
    • 3rd layer is a silicon top coating
  • The primer coating allows the silicone top coat a firm base to adhere to, which allows:
    • Silicon surface to last much longer
    • Provides a surface that resists ink accumulation
    • Reduces the amount of solvent required for cleaning
    • Reduces frequency required to remove any ink accumulation
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Product Feature:

Trelleborg Printing Blankets and Coating Plates

Discover the performance of Trelleborg's blankets and learn more about the concept of better business, better function and better sustainability. Trelleborg offers printing blankets and coating plates for coldset and heatset web, commercial sheetfed and packaging printing on paper and cardboard surfaces. Vulcan®, Rollin® and Printec® are Trelleborg's worldwide recognized brands of offset printing blankets for newspaper, magazine, catalogue, business form, metal decorating and packaging markets. Trelleborg also offers a wide range of printing blankets for specialized printing machines.

Product Feature:


SONORA X Plates are unlike any other process-free plate available today. A new technology breakthrough combines the performance features of wet-processed plates with Kodak’s market leading process free technology, and the result is a plate with run length, imaging speed, robustness, and resolution capabilities that rival processed plates.

Visit Kodak SONORA X
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Colour Management

Does the colour output from all of your printers match consistently day in and day out? Your client requirements are ever changing and that often means using different print media for different applications. You may need to produce a complete marketing campaign and print the same files on a variety of substrates using various printing technologies. That is where our COBALT colour management specialists can save you time and frustration. Our colour management specialists not only colour correct on a single technology or medium, but dial in each of your devices to hit the same colour, regardless of the media or equipment technology. From aqueous to UV, banner to aluminum composite panels, all your devices will print the same colour. Separate your business even further from the competition by becoming G7 Certified.

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Our Team

Armed with deep experience and passion for growth and innovation, the COBALT team will find the best equipment, supplies and service solutions possible for our customers. We are distribution experts offering world class products, professional services and best in class technical support to the wide format, commercial offset and flexographic printing markets.

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