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Our portfolio of flexographic supplies and equipment is designed to ensure that your productivity is at its best. Our team of technical experts are available to assist you in your quest to be a leader in your market. Whether your goal is environmental concerns, productivity gains or quality improvements, we have you covered.




COBALT’s selection of products for prepress will have you boasting about your designs. Whether your requirement is a Pantone colour selection guide or rendering an image for proofing, our proofing printers and software, certified proofing media and quality assurance tools will bring your images to life.

Platemaking & Mounting

Platemaking in today’s fast paced environment has become a critical part of any flexographic printer’s world. Ensuring consistent high-quality plates is the drive behind our product portfolio selection. Our team of plate experts understands the entire print process, helping you to render your image to the plate. At COBALT, you’ll find plate imagers, a complete range of flexographic and letterpress plates, plate making systems, plate mounting tapes, plate mounting foam, plate mounters, UV bulbs, quality inspection measurement tools and more.
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This is where the rubber meets the substrate, so to speak. COBALT’s pressroom product portfolio is designed around innovation. We’ve brought revolutionary technology to the market such as the anilox roll cleaning blanket as one example of ROI through innovation in the pressroom. Partnered with world class manufacturers, our robust product selection of anilox rolls, anilox cleaning solutions, Zero VOC pressroom cleaners, press inspection systems, doctor blades, end seals and more will ensure your pressroom is performing at its best.

Flexography Solutions

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Anilox Cleaning Products

COBALT's revolutionary line of anilox cleaning blanket and cleaning solutions.



Keep your platemaking exposure units at optimal performance with our selection of authentic bulbs.


Platemaking Equipment

We carry a complete line of platemaking equipment. Exposure, washout, combo units.


Mounting Tapes

Looking for mounting tapes by leading manufacturers? Take a look at our selection.


Pressroom Cleaners

We carry a selection of cleaners for rollers, pans, presses, or simply an all purpose cleaner.


Doctor Blades

Looking for the right doctor blade, we have a complete selection ranging from plastic to special metal alloys.


End Seals

Our range of end seals includes standard models to customer configurations.


Mounting Foam

Our exclusive line of mounting foam is designed to satisfy the most discerning customer.



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Product Feature:

Flexi-Lox™ Cleaning Blanket

Are you tired of time-consuming and ineffective anilox roll cleaning procedures?

  • Flexi-Lox™ is the newest revolutionary anilox cleaning system that replaces your existing preventative maintenance program (PM)
  • Using the Flexi-Lox™ blanket and proprietary Flexi-Lox™ aqueous liquid is proven to be an incredible weekly PM program that provides superior, consistent, deep cleaning results
  • The Flexi-Lox™ blanket is a patented, microfiber, dimensionally stable substrate composite affixed to a stable base and soy blend urethane foam
  • The Flexi-Lox™ blanket and aqueous liquid works in tandem to thoroughly clean anilox rolls

Additional cleaning benefits are directly related to the pumping system and ink train systems.

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Feature Product ECO EZ Back Mounting Foam.jpg
Product Feature:

ECO EZ Back Mounting Foam

High end corrugated mounting material that saves press operator’s time and saves you money

  • Lays flatter
  • Reduced Curl
  • Minimizes fluting
  • Water resistant
  • Superior resiliency
  • Foam strips away with ease and consistency
  • Eliminates adhesive tracking
Feature Product SRS Environment ÔÇô Solvent Recycling System.jpg
Product Feature:

SRS Environnement – Solvent Recycling System

  • Unique manufacturing: The built-in heating element (3000W) in the Teflon-coated aluminum vat allows for efficient distillation up to 232°C (450°F)
  • Minimum maintenance: No thermal oil is present in the recyclers
  • Built to perform: Its high temperature makes it possible to distil a greater variety of solvents including certain mineral spirits
  • Reliability: Simple and reliable electronic control. Easily replaceable as needed
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Colour Management

Does the colour output from all of your printers match consistently day in and day out? Your client requirements are ever changing and that often means using different print media for different applications. You may need to produce a complete marketing campaign and print the same files on a variety of substrates using various printing technologies. That is where our COBALT colour management specialists can save you time and frustration. Our colour management specialists not only colour correct on a single technology or medium, but dial in each of your devices to hit the same colour, regardless of the media or equipment technology. From aqueous to UV, banner to aluminum composite panels, all your devices will print the same colour. Separate your business even further from the competition by becoming G7 Certified.

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Our Team

Armed with deep experience and passion for growth and innovation, the COBALT team will find the best equipment, supplies and service solutions possible for our customers. We are distribution experts offering world class products, professional services and best in class technical support to the wide format, commercial offset and flexographic printing markets.

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