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Allied All Star 1 Gallon

SKU #524996

35 available

Technical Description

Product Features
Replace high dosage 1 or 2 part fount and alcohol subs
Excellent wetting and viscosity building properties, reduces surface
tension to the low 30’s
Increased dryer content ensures shorter dry times, even on non-porous substrates
Razor sharp reverses, cleaner screens, improved ink taping, denser solids
Suitable for all offset inks including UV/EB
Compatible with all metal plates, conventional, CTP & non-metal laser plates

Product Overview
Use one concentrated fount where previously high dosage 1 or 2 part founts and alcohol substitutes are used. All Star is an evolution based on Allied’s most industry proven fountain solution and alcohol replacement technology, combined into one concentrate. Many performance-enchancing ingredients have been incorporated into the formula to prevent problems before they can happen and ensure consistent performance, 100% of the time. The concentration will allow for previous high dosages to be reduced.


Brand Allied Pressroom Chemistry
Product Chemistry
Product Type Fountain Solutions
Container Size 1 Gallon
VOC Content 4.0 lbs
Flashpoint Non-flammable
CA. Compliant No